Biography of Runchana Ball
Biography of Runchana Ball

Runchana is a dedicated skin care therapist trained, licensed and certified in a range of treatment modalities including anti-aging, acne, non-surgical facelift, chemical peel as well as endermologie, lipomassage, exilis for skin tightening fat and cellulite reduction. As a professional, she is committed to providing her clients with the highest standards of customer service to be found in the industry - she works with only the best quality products and prestigious lines that have gained respect and recognition over the years.

Runchana's passion for skin care and beauty started at an early age. A native of Thailand, her thoroughbred upbringing and training schooled her in the sublime Oriental art of skin care that can result in skin so smooth dust won't stick to it. Her continued passion for beauty care eventually led her to the program in Esthetics at the Atelier Esthetique school in New York City. Since graduating, she has received additional training by Maria Simon, the "trainer of trainers" for LPG France International for cellulite treatment and received certification as an Expert by LPG USA.


She has been working in the most prestigious salons in NYC where she offers treatments to an A-list clientele consisting of models, actresses, Broadway producers, sophisticated businesswomen, and others.

Runchana believes that skin is as unique as the face it covers and that one formula does not fit all. For her, beauty is not just skin deep but is total beauty -- from head to toe.  It is something that can transform one's mood and confidence, making women feel more special.


                                                                               FYI: Runchana (in Thai) means "The One you Love!"

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